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Hall & Oates

While the nation wailed "She's go-o-o-o-o-one..." in the shower, I was photographing the authors in their St. Paul hotel room, and later at an in-store autograph frenzy at the Wax Museum on University Ave.

John Oates
Daryl Hall

This was the fall of 1975. I was still a newcomer in Minnesota, and this was probably my first editorial engagement. I accompanied the interviewer (the manager of the bookstore where I worked!) who freelanced for the Insider, an early Minneapolis entertainment weekly or bi-weekly, edited by a man named Connie; Connie's Insider, everyone called it.

As newbie photojournalist I was the complete unit: Leica, 50mm, Tri-X; no metering, no flash powder, no cropping; I knew the tradition!

I also remember that I knew almost as much about Hall & Oates at this time as they knew about me: I just didn't listen to them. Now, thanks mainly to the bird & the bee, I like their stuff a lot.

Did Connie ever run the photos? I have no idea! Some of them are not bad. Did Connie ever cut me a check? I have no idea.

Hall and Oates Wax Museum St. Paul

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