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You might like this. It's from a self-portrait assignment for Martin Fowler's class, Photography as Personal Language (thanks Marty!) It was spring 2010, the start of my quest for crystal vision. Taken, just for irony, with the camera that couldn't shoot straight - it took me four more years before I finally scrapped it, moving on to a proper instrument. I always liked the colors of that damn Pentax though.

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Brosnan st


Russell Abraham is a famous west coast architectural photographer and I was his studio manager. We used to buy 4x5 Ektachrome in big batches, burn a dozen sheets for color tests, then put it in the deep freeze. I only recall being pressed into flesh-tone-dummy service this one time. It was fun. I still have those shades, which are pinhole specs, not sunglasses. I was a hotshot San Francisco kid in my own mind in the late '80's; gotta get that black head o' hair back!

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Thanks kodak

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