Yoga studio outtakes

Yoga outtakes

Recently I put together an Outtakes portfolio for One Yoga Studio. There were so many glorious portrait shots that had never seen the light, it seemed a shame.

These are two of my favorites: that's Matt up top, his first appearance here; and Nicole below him - her 'regular' portrait appeared previously here.

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Outtake from a recent portrait session at One Yoga Studio. This is Nicole, the new Kundalini teacher. Her yoga website is here

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Man who would be mayor baxter

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Gentle light on yoga


Marnie is a new teacher at One Yoga in Minneapolis, where she teaches the gentle Relax & Renew class. On the web she is found at Slow & Flow Yoga

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Caught twirling


A second teacher outtake from the One Yoga Studio series. In Bianca's class lucky students may get to twirl before settling in for Yoga Nidra.

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Daylight on yoga


In May I photographed the teachers at One Yoga in Minneapolis in the beautiful light of their upstairs Sky Studio. This outtake is of Jessa — her own dot on the web is this breath this moment.

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Yoga mall

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