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Why portraits? A portrait gives you a chance to reflect on the glorious implausibility of each person. Look at that face: who could ever have predicted such a person! Still believe in a mechanical universe?

But seriously, look at a photo of someone you care about; maybe someone who has gone out of your life, for now or forever. Contemplate the awesome power of the portrait, however casually made.

Ambition. If I had taken just one portrait of each of the faces famous I've known, I'd be more famous than Félix Nadar by now. I'll catch up.

Perhaps it would be smart to mention here that I specialize in editorial portraiture on location, in natural and existing light: portraits of employees, officers, celebrities — persons of interest! — for organizations of all sizes, for website and other uses. Really, any kind of friendly, informal people photography and work documentary. People, even the camera-shy, enjoy the photo sessions - we always have a lot of fun. Contact me at the email link below for info!

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Some Commercial work:

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